Music Shop

“Lemezei” Music and Bookstore at Fonó

"Lemezei” is an independent music and bookstore located at the building of Fonó. It also has its own webshop.

Managed by Péter Mezei, „Lemezei” music store offers an outstanding selection of folk, world and jazz albums. The store’s collection features all albums by Fonó Records together with music published by the most significant Hungarian record labels. If you are looking for a folk, jazz, or world rarity, or simply want to buy some good music but need a little orientation, “Lemezei”, is just the store for you!

Opening hours: from 7 PM on concert days (Wed, Fri, Sat) at Fonó

Permanent store: “Mesterporta”, 7 Corvin Square. Opening hours: 10 AM – 6 PM

Christmas time: “Lemezei” stall at the Vörösmarty Square Christmas Fair


More information: +36 20 329 3906



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